Amber Rudd asked us to judge the Tories ‘on our record’. Do so before voting

Don't vote Conservative

“Judge us on our record”

During the BBC election debate on Wednesday, Amber Rudd who was acting as Theresa May’s stunt double urged the public to judge the Conservative party “on our record”.

This seems like a great idea when we review some of the things the Conservatives have enacted.

However most laypeople end up with induced political amnesia and forget this at the ballot box.

A few reminders

Luckily for everyone, those nice people at Another Angry Voice have put together a list of things that “any reasonably well informed citizen should know about the Tory record in government since 2010”.

One such nugget relates to the Fire Service Cuts. Another Angry Voice notes that:

“Between 2010 and 2015 the Tories slashed 30% off the fire service budget resulting in the loss of 10,000 firefighter jobs and the closure of 39 fire stations. Between 2015 and 2020 they intend to slash another 20%. In 2015/16 the number of fire deaths increased by 17.4%.”

Check out the full list over at Another Angry Voice.

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