Further reasons not to vote Tory: Greg Knight’s video

Don't vote Conservative

Welcome to Greg Knight’s parallel universe

Well here’s something special. A ‘no expense spared’ piece of digital video media by Mr ‘Self-Facillitating-Media-Node’ himself, Greg Knight. Ultimately, it’s a perfect example of how not to make a campaign video.

But why should the Greg Knight video help me decide if I should vote Tory?

Okay, okay, it’s a great laugh, and it’s going to entertain us all long after the election. But in terms of when you’re fighting with your pencil in the ballot box, just remember. Remember the sheer ineptitude of this video, remember that feeling it leaves in you that Mr Knight spent ten pound and made it look like eleven and remember the questionable production. These are not descriptors you want for the party that you are about to elect into power for the next five years.

Check it over at You Tube.