Human Rights. A universal right, right? Er… right

Preserve Human Rights - Don't Vote Conservative

The Conservatives want to rip up your human rights

Theresa May has Human Rights in her sights. Clearly scenting an opportunity to cynically exploit recent terror attacks, she has declared that “I’ll rip up human rights laws that impede new terror legislation”.

Consider this very carefully for a moment

While this may seem like a great tool to combat terrorism with, remember what these rights do for you. There’s a long list of rights articles over at the UN among which, are the right to Life, Liberty, Personal Security, Freedom from Slavery and Right to Recognition as a Person before the Law.

This has thankfully been met with the condemnation it deserves across the political spectrum.  As David Allen Green from the Financial Times points out…

Whatever your politics, remember that once your rights are taken away, they don’t come back. Don’t let the Conservatives deprive you of them.

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