You won’t want Theresa negotiating Brexit. Here’s why

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Why don’t we want Theresa negotiating Brexit?

Craig Murray is a former ambassador, who worked with the Diplomatic Service for two decades. As such, he commands significant insight of what the United Kingdom will face across the table from the EU Brexit negotiating team. This is summarised in an article that he recently posted on


Appalling negotiator

Murray believes Theresa May lacks the skills to undertake this complex  task and would make an appalling negotiator. Murray argues that:

“She becomes completely closed off when contradicted. She is incapable of thinking on her feet… she is undoubtedly the worst performer at Prime Minister’s Questions, either for government or opposition, since they were first broadcast. Why on earth would anybody think she would be a good negotiator? As soon as Michel Barnier made a point she was not expecting across the table, she would switch off and revert to cliché, and probably give off a great deal of hostility too.”

He adds that:

“…Empathy with your opposite number is a key requirement in a skilled negotiator, and everything I have ever seen about Theresa May marks her out as perhaps having less emotional intelligence than anybody I have ever observed.”

Check out the full article here.

The Art of Negotiation

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